Where technology meets nature, and innovation meets sustainability.

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Namaa Farm

Welcome to Namaa Farms in New Valley Governorate, Egypt, where we embrace organic farming with the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Spices & Aromatic Plants

Our journey begins in the medicinal and aromatic plants section, where we grow dill, parsley, chamomile flowers, marjoram, spearmint, peppermint, stevia, and cumin. All our crops are irrigated with pure groundwater, using modern pivot irrigation systems.

Palm and Dates

In the palm and dates section, we produce the finest quality dried and semi-dried dates, bringing the best to your tables.

Various Crops

Our various crops section includes alfalfa, wheat, and barley, along with forage crops that support our livestock production. We rely on modern machinery for harvesting to ensure efficiency and high-quality production.

Embracing Innovation

At our farm, we employ the latest equipment and advanced technology to boost efficiency, enhance crop quality, and practice sustainable agriculture, ensuring a productive and environmentally friendly operation.

Use of Solar Energy

To protect the environment, we use solar energy in our farming operations, enhancing our sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.


We care about biodiversity by raising poultry, fish, and Barki sheep, not only for the self-sufficiency of our workers but also to ensure clean and organic animal protein production.

At Your Service

At Namaa, we cultivate with sincere hearts and work with creative hands to bring you the best organic products, while protecting our environment and supporting our community.

Namaa advances agriculture towards a sustainable and prosperous future through a variety of innovative investment activities.
We cultivate our farm with love and dedication, ensuring our agricultural practices benefit the world and promote sustainable growth. Some of our projects :

Green Houses

Three nurseries containing hundreds of thousands of Astiva and Siwi palm seedlings.


A total area of ​​3,000 acres, of which 800 acres are cultivated.


Stevia, dill, marjoram, chamomile, peppermint, Spearmint, alfalfa, basil.

Artificial lakes

Three lakes that contain various types of fish such as tilapia and mullet.

We Plant with Love