We specialize in organic agriculture to produce healthy and safe food and to increase exports of organic agricultural products needed globally

We specialize in growing medicinal and aromatic plants using the latest environmentally friendly organic farming techniques. All our products comply with international quality standards.


medicinal and aromatic plants

We specialize in cultivating palm trees of all kinds. In the first phase, we succeeded in cultivating 50 acres, and we aim to cultivate 200 acres in 2024 to produce high-quality dates that are required globally.

Palm Paradise Project

Our Services

Namaa Investment and Land Reclamation Company provides advisory and marketing services to farmers and investors wishing to join our projects

In Namaa, we seek to apply the latest technologies and innovations in the field of agriculture, such as the use of solar energy, bioenergy, and organic fertilizers, to ensure the preservation of the environment and biological diversity, and to obtain products with the highest standards of quality and safety.